4 Reasons Why Websites Fail To Get Attention

4 Reasons Why Websites Fail To Get Attention

There are a few simple mistakes most websites make, and they all lead to a lack of attention. A cluttered WordPress web design lacks clarity and communication with its audience. It does not have a clear message or goal. And it takes a long time to load. Below are a few tips on improving your website’s performance. Read on to learn more about common mistakes made by websites and how to avoid them!

Video play should be user-initiated:

When designing a video for a website, it is important to assume that the user has initiated the playback of the video. Whether the video is in the background or as consumable content, it should start with a click. The first few seconds of video playback are critical because the user must quickly understand the value of the video. Users who don’t get that message will most likely navigate elsewhere. However, a good first impression will likely lead to a longer session.

Website navigation should be easy to follow:

Your website navigation is vital to your overall user experience, and a disjointed layout can turn visitors away. To ensure that your visitors stay on your website, follow these tips to make it easy to find what you’re looking for. Use a simple color scheme and layout to make your links stand out. If you’re using buttons, make sure they’re easy to locate, too. You’ll be surprised how many people overlook the importance of website navigation.

Loading time:

The average attention span for Internet users has decreased from twelve to eight seconds, and 40% of them will leave your site after three seconds. Slow websites cost businesses 2.6 billion dollars in lost sales each year, so making sure your pages load quickly is a must. Luckily, several ways to improve loading time and make your website load faster. Follow these tips to increase your website’s conversion rate.


The appearance of text is important to the overall usability and speed of the web page. You should choose your font carefully in terms of style, rhythm and mood, and legibility. The right font can affect the readability of the content on your website, as it can affect the spacing, font size and orientation, word choice, and line length. In addition, you should consider how images will be placed on the page. Below are some simple tips for using typography on your website.

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